Muzzle Brake Afford Users with the Ability To Stay On Target

An article by madhouse design : One critical aspect of a muzzle brake is its ability to help your rifle stay on target. Once you have a word with an accomplished rifleman, you’ll soon discover the sense in opting for a high-quality muzzle brake. On further discussion, the guy you speak to would point out that a couple of percentage points difference regarding the recoil reduction may not make such a huge difference in helping your score more hits with your rifle. However, a brake that assists you in staying on target can be a massive advantage. When a thousand plus shooters were polled on their thoughts about this, they unanimously agreed with the statement made by our rifleman.

Besides, staying on target not only lets you trigger a couple of quick follow-up shots but more importantly allows precision shooting, which can be seen when you watch your bullet hit the target. Once you hone in on the bullet splash, then you can easily fine tune your windage adjustments or elevation with confidence.

Let’s take a closer look at a classic example of how an integral muzzle brake can make a huge difference in the efficiency of a Desert Eagle Mark XIX pistol.

The Fabulous Desert Eagle Mark XIX Pistol Equipped with an Integral Muzzle Brake

During December 2014 it was announced that MRI is now manufacturing the iconic Desert Eagle in stainless steel. Both Hollywood villains and heroes alike favor this huge pistol, which incidentally featured in over 500 TV shows and movies. It was only during 2015, that the Desert Eagle Mark XIX was introduced, featuring an integral muzzle brake.

Also, it sports a Weaver-style top rail as well as a Picatinny bottom rail to accommodate the usual accessories like optics, lights, and lasers. One can only begin to imagine how much more accurate and precise your target practice will become thanks to the integral muzzle brakes.

It gets even better in that the stainless steel is contrasted by numerous black parts, which include the combat-style sights, pebble-grain grips, slide release, trigger and takedown latch as well as the hammer. Overall, it makes for a very attractive gun.

Do not lose sight of the fact that the most notable feature of this gun is its size as it features a 6-inch barrel while the overall length of the gun is 10.75 inches with an unloaded weight of just over 4 pounds.

Another noticeable feature is the pistol’s action as it’s not your usual locked-breech or blowback with a short recoil system. Would you believe that the Desert Eagle resembles features you’ll find on a centerfire rifle?

Much like a military service rifle, the slide acts like bolt carrier in that you’ll notice what looks like an M16/M4 like styles bolt that protrudes from the rear end. Just like the rifle, it is gas operated in that once you fire it off, propellant gasses would travel through a tiny hole within the barrel breech into a tube that is situated under the barrel to into a cylinder that is located near the front end of the barrel.

Another thing you will notice is that the barrel is not in any way enclosed within the side. It is exposed for the most part, which is why there is no ejection port to be found. The muzzle brake and top rail are neatly machined into the barrel itself while the front sight is set up directly onto the barrel.

Enthusiasts love the fact that there is an extension of the frame that holds the small feed ramp. With all due respect, it is not really needed as feeding is just about as you can get from the magazine right into the chamber.

Then again, the magazine releases can be found towards the rear of the trigger guard with the slide top just above the trigger on the left-hand side. The Desert Eagle has a smooth-faced and single-action trigger. Luckily for safety sake, the gun can be carried around in a cocked and locked position.

Whether you possess a one of a kind Desert Eagle or any other type of pistol or rifle, you sure want to test out and see for yourself just how easily you’ll stay on target using muzzle brakes. read more information feel free to visit


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